4th Ladies Lustrum of Ariston '80

This season marks a special season for the ladies of Ariston’80. It is exactly 20 years ago that the first ladies team of Ariston’80 was founded! Now, we can’t imagine Ariston without ladies anymore and the club is still growing, with four ladies teams as of this season. To celebrate this milestone, this whole season will be dedicated to the 4th Lustrum, 20 years of ladies football: LuXX!


Read the Delta article about why more women start playing soccer.

How do we celebrate?

During this 4th lustrum, there will be activities organised throughout the year for both current and former members of the Ariston Ladies teams, as well as the other members of the club.

A mixed ladies tournament and reunion day are planned amongst other things, and last month the Christmas dinner took place where more than fifty ladies/coaches were present. To end this lustrum with a bang, there will be a trip to see the Oranje Leeuwinnen play at the World Cup in France: the FrankREIS. So make sure to stay tuned and be part of this year’s festivities!

Raise money for charity

Besides all the nice activities organised for Ariston members, we also want to do something for girls in Brazil and Nicaragua. Which is why we are raising money for the charity Plan International | La League this lustrum year. See this website for more information about the charity. Up until now we already raised €2064,56!


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