Here you can view all the activities the LuXX has organized or will organize.

15 Dec
Christmas dinner

On the 15th of December the Ladies Christmas Dinner took place. Over fifty ladies/coaches were present to enjoy the three course meal at Grand Café The Hangout. The night was completed with outfits in different themes and a pubquiz, before heading to the Ariston drink at the Thor boat.

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19 Dec
Handmade Christmas cards

For this year’s holiday season, a couple of girls came together to make handmade Christmas cards to raise money for the charity Plan International | La League. All cards were sold out among Ariston’80 members in no time! Thanks to Ineke for this nice initiative.

19 Feb
Mixed ladies winter tournament

On the 19th of February, the Mixed Ladies Winter Tournament took place. Forty ladies from all four Ariston’80 ladies teams were present to compete for the Trophy/Beer Bucket. The teams were a mix of different girls with different skillsets, which created exciting matches. The tournament gave a chance for everyone to play football with girls from the other teams and get to know each other better. The fifteen minute matches on a quarter of the pitch proved to be more exhausting than anticipated, but the drinks afterwards were a well-deserved reward. Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 Mixed Ladies Winter Tournament: Hanna, Katja, Kirsten, Kim en Susanna (Team Kampala)!

16 Mar
Activity @clubborrel

Raised: 144 euros, sold 41 cocktails

Neon colours, lights and cocktails were overflowing during the Ariston’80 drinks on the 16th of March. A perfect chance for LuXX to organize a fundraiser and bring Plan International La League under the attention of Ariston’s members. The Activity Committee prepared three different cocktails, all equally delicious, in collaboration with LuXX. When a cocktail bucket was sold, water would be added to the meter to show how many footballs could be bought and girls could be given football training with the money that was being raised. At the end of the evening, 41 cocktail buckets were sold and €144 was raised! A successful fundraiser and an evening with lots of fun.
Special thanks to Manon and Katja for helping us out with the preparations!

24 Apr

De einduitslag:
1. Zonder ons pap in de TAP
2. 38NB
3. 3mteam
4. Suus had geen oppas
5. Nielson & de 4J’s
6. HaLoLu
7. Witgekleurdboek
8. Huize 50 tinten blauw
9. B34
10. Be2sters
11. Net te brak
12. Spinazie

18 May
Reunion: activity + dinner

The reunion day will take place on the 18th of May. On this day, all current and former members of the Ariston’80 Ladies teams are invited to come together for a big activity. The day will be concluded with a dinner. More information about the activity will follow soon. But save the date!

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As most people know by now, this lustrum year LuXX is raising money for the charity Plan International | La League (read more about La League under ‘donate’). A lottery was organized as one of the fundraising events this year. For the Last couple of weeks, many Aristoni, family and friends purchased tickets to get a chance of winning one of the 19 amazing prices. The prices ranged from Ariston merchandise packages to a signed book by Gerrit Hiemstra, from a Nature Balance massage to a Batavus bike. On the 19th of June, the lottery draw took place in the TAP and was live streamed on the Ariston’80 facebook page. A total of 1048 euros was raised with the lottery!! A shout out to Lizzy Berendsen for purchasing the most tickets. Thank you to all the sponsors who contributed to this lottery and to everyone who purchased tickets for making this fundraiser a success!

14-16 Jun

Nearing the end of this lustrum year, LuXX organized the first ever FrankREIS with great success! On Friday the 14th of June, 42 Aristona (both current and former members) travelled to France for the weekend for the second WC poule match of the Dutch Oranjeleeuwinnen against Cameroon. The party started on Friday afternoon in the bus and ended somewhere in the early morning on Sunday. Lots of beer was consumed and lots of songs were sung. Between all the excitement, there was also time to relax on the camping and enjoy the nearby lake and town of Le Quesnoy. On Saturday, the group of 30 Aristona all dressed in carrot suits took the train to Valenciennes and walked along in the orange march with more than 15.000 other Dutch fans to the Stade du Hainaut. The stadium was coloured orange during the match, but the ladies in carrot suits stood out in Cameroon's trade. Big chance you spotted them on TV during the match! With the support of the fans, the Oranjeleeuwinnen fought their way with a 3-1 victory to the 8th finals of the World Championship. After the match, the party was very well celebrated in French Valenciennes and also at the campsite. Where the next morning SBS6 came along and the rest of the day was used to enjoy the sun. Altogether it was an unforgettable trip that was captured by several media. See the aftermovie and further links below.

Hart van Nederland

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